We do not allow WantAd users to advertise for items that cannot be sold legally, any such adverts will be removed.

Alcohol can be advertised for by WantAd users over the age of 18. The seller is responsible for verifying the age of the buyer.

The following items are prohibited or restricted from WantAd adverts and offers:

Adult items Policy

Animals and Wildlife Products Policy

Artefacts, Archives, Antiques, Cultural Items and Grave-Related Items

Bootleg Recordings Policy

British Titles

Contracts Policy

Copyright Basics

Credit And Debit Cards Policy

Drugs & Controlled Substances Policy

Electrical and Electronics Equipment Policy

Enabling Duplication of Copy Protected Material

Encouraging illegal activity Policy

Encouraging Infringement Policy

Firearms, Weapons and Knives Policy

Food and Healthcare Policy

Gaming Machines (slot or fruit machines) Policy

Government, Transit and Postal Items and Official Items Policy

Hazardous, Restricted, or Regulated Materials Policy

Human Remains and Body Parts Policy

Lock Picking Devices Policy

Mailing Lists and Personal Information Policy

Medicine and Healthcare Products Policy

Offensive Material Policy

Personal Relationships and Services Policy

Plants and Seeds Policy

Police-Related Items Policy


Recalled Items Policy

Replicas, Counterfeit Items, and Unauthorised Copies Policy

Stamps, Currency and Coins Policy

Stocks and Other Securities Policy

Stolen Property Policy

Tobacco and Smoking Accessories Policy

Used Clothing Policy